Antoine Murphy

Antoine Murphy #363399, c-134

WSPF; PO Box 9900

Boscobel, Wi 53805

Age 29

Hobbies: designing clothes and accessories

sports: Basketball/football

crime: armed robbery, attempted homicide; possession w/intent


earliest= June 2116

latest= september 2072

seeking: female penpal (mature+25)

So let this be heard:

Because I'm what you call RARE
Because your opinion is Valued
Because I'm going somewhere...
Because my Passion 4 Fashion
Because I want to know.......
"What would you do, attempt
or dream if you could not fail?
Because I need you to finish the sentence!
Because the search is Over...
Because I'm curious.......
"Have you ever not gotten
something you feel you were
entitled to? How did you deal
with it?
Because 4 walls don't limit Love
Because it was NEVER about me...
Write Back
So let it be done...

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