Mitchell Funches

Mitchell Funches
J86898 A2-201
PO Box 4430
Lancaster, CA 93539

Hi! I'm Mitchell and I was born 5/23/1967 in San Bernardino, CA. I'm 5'8" and 163 lbs. Usually I weigh a lil' bit more, but I just lost my appendix, so I'm still in recovery.

I've been locked up for 16 years and I should be coming home really soon. I'm reddish brown skinned, long black hair, and brown eyes. I enjoy reading, writing, music (R&B... some reggae... blues... jazz... and a lil' country). I love working out and keeping myself healthy.

I've got 3 daughters that live outta state... I don't bother with their mothers.

I hope that you or someone you know would like to converse about business and pure life goals. Just positive outcomes as far as future events go.

Tenderly meant... patient and hopeful...

Some people make things happen
Some people think they make things happen
Some people watch things happen
Some people wonder what happened
Some people don't know anything happened at all


Anonymous said...

its me amber hope ur okay i see u just went back to court im back in california i moved back in november love ya

Anonymous said...

ambbroyl@yahoo.com email add

Anonymous said...

I love u daddy...neek

lil mama said...

9080 colony pl apt b riverside ca 92503 itz me tina itz been along time and i still hav yr name tatooed on me til this very day. Call me 951 289 1021

Anonymous said...

Hey ,Nikki a.k.a Nik-dog back in day's, one of your baby's mothers still raise your child right she in college now.I am in naptown.phone is 317 492-1054

FFUP said...

I remind you these are old posts- I leave these up because this is popular-people find old friends. BUT I have no idea where Mitchell Funches is. If you want to find him-contact the DOC in CA. Peg