Antonio Parker

Antonio Parker #218557
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

When I wrote this, I wrote is with the hopes of sharing it with someone new. With the hope that it would also create something that would intrigue you to the point to make you want to get to know more each day.

I have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter... and from both I gather and subtract... to either keep to myself or to share openly with others. I choose openly. You hungry?? And I do mean this metaphorically.

The opportunity is now... if you decide to take on a new experience... to formulate with me a more reflective future... deeply rooted in the respect of things... some, if not all... hearts desire.

Not much, this i know, but to me it's ALOT. And until the voidness in my heart, etc is filled to the point all emptiness is gone. I will continue my search for that specific person suitable to complete me. Will you??

Time is not of the essence, but patience is. And though I think that way, it is still at your convenience that I await your response.

My ending is simple:
I am a loner full of dream.
I have no one on the outside that I can trust, that I could build anything with.
I am in the hole, with no job, so it's hard.
I get 1 stamped envelope a week, so if it takes longer than a week or so for me to get back at you, understand that it will not be a pleasurable choice.
I am not that good of an artist, but I try. If I can, I will help any women with a heart... not questions about it.
I want my freedom, my life back, etc. I write lyrics to songs, a few poems here and there and from what I'm told there could be all types of people interested.

One other thing I would like to mention before I end, is the only thing I have to make cards out of here is with typing papers and pen, nothing else. So if I make a mistake, it's a fresh sheet and that stuff (without help) adds up to the point it hurts. But I will manage...

So until I hear from you...
Sincerely, Antonio

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