Yusef Latee Williams

Yusef Latee Williams #230389
PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

To the compassionate soul who reads this… I offer you a gift… before I tell you what this gift is, let me explain it and tell you a little about it. This gift is unconditional, many have claimed to possess it, but in reality, you can count on one hand the true owners of it. The key elements are Truth, Trust and Honesty, for with these the gift will remain uncontested throughout the folds of space and tide. I extend to you the quintessence of it. This gift that I’ve been referring to is the gift of ‘true friendship’.

It will be a true blessing to share a simple laugh and smile with a friend. I’m a man of many things… open minded, sincere, loyal and respectful. I consider myself a realist, therefore I will always keep it real with you, for I know no other way of carrying it. Hopefully at the conclusion of this prose, the prospect of strangers will be strengthened through correspondence. Our beginning starts with these seven words: “ I hope to hear from you soon”.

I am 37 years old and serving a life sentence for homicide. I am bald and beautiful, chocolate brown, 210 lbs (solid) and African American. I enjoy lifting weights and exercising my mind… no specific religion, but I do read and study about many types. I believe there is a supreme creator, architect and designer of the universe. I was born and raised on the west side of Chicago and visited Milwaukee before incarceration. My hobbies and interests: jailhouse lawyer – I study and practice criminal and civil law.

I hope to hear from you!

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