Romel Morehouse

Romel Morehouse #431264
Green Bay Correctional Institution
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Romel Morehouse. I’m 22 years old, educated, goal orientated, strong and loyal in my every endeavor. I enjoy reading, gaining knowledge from all sorts of books, open minded to meeting new friends, playing sports, conversing, and I’m a good listener. Seeking to gain a pen-pal for a very long, true, devoted friendship. I’m a very patient man, so I move slow to get things as close to perfection as possible. We both know ‘nothing or no one is perfect’.

I seek a woman who is down to earth, open minded, honest, has a sense of humor and knowledge about her surroundings. A woman who understands the nature of a man and who can appreciate and respect a real friendship. Race is not a problem and please be over 18 years old. Yes, life is full of risks and opportunities and I’m not afraid of a challenge. Therefore, honesty is a major factor in my life always!

I will look forward to hearing from you… thanks for the opportunity of your time!


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