Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson #272097
Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility (AMF)
13924 Wadaga Road
Baraga, MI 49908

Sex: Male Death Row: No Date of Release: 2020 Age: 30
Race: African American Birthdate: 07/23/1975 Religion: Islam Sign: Leo Height: 5’11” Weight: 205 lbs Marital Status: Single Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

More about myself: I was born in Detroit “Motown” and I have lived in New Mexico, Hawaii, and Wisconsin. I have visited Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Mississippi, and Alabama. I’m a spiritual person who believes that my life has a purpose. I love my relationship with God and this allows me to be tolerant of diverse beliefs in other people. Family is also very important to me and I cherish the day when I can be with my people, sans the restrictions of incarceration. I am a student of life seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding. One day I would like to travel and see more of the world. I am versatile and enjoy experiencing other cultures: Latina, French, Asian, etc.

I am reflective, progressive, and while having learned some lessons, realize that life has way more to offer. I love to create… my hobbies include: drawing, writing poetry, prose, lyrics, sports, reading and relaxing with music. I love to eat, although I am currently abstaining from animal products, and would like to explore a wider variety of vegetarian dishes.

The muse of my creativity is a woman’s essence. It is the fire that keeps me in pursuit of that special lady. I am looking for a natural woman, who is well rounded, grounded as a person, resourceful, caring and compassionate. A woman who is able to embrace the ‘give and take’ nature of a genuine relationship. Open to friendship, communicative and willing to share her hopes and dreams. A fascinating lady with a creative energy. This woman wears a diamond tiara, inlaid with precious gems and a gown of purple silk, brocaded with silver and gold… but she is clothed in humility, with beauty more radiant than the stars that shine in the night sky. Renown for her love and compassion, charity brings her delight. She accepts praise with modesty, as wisdom informs her actions. The seeds of pride find no root in her heart because she recalls humanity’s humble origin, with eyes that sparkle like crystals.

Speak softly to my heart and let your mellifluous voice soothe my sorrows, my dear Princess.

Gary ‘Cut’ Jackson

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