Phonethevanh Phounangsouvanh

My Information: Phonethevanh Phounangsouvanh #380080
mailing address: PO Box 19033; GBCI
Green Bay, Wi 54307

Life is a lesson
Can’t nobody predict it’s direction.
Everyday I’m second guessing
But I’m still here,
Striving for perfection.
In every man and woman’s life there comes a time
of ultimate challenge.
A time when our
faith, our values, our patience,
our compassion, our ability to persist are all pushed
to our limits and beyond.
Others allow these experiences of life to destroy them,
But I have use it as a tool to persevere behind these walls
to grow as a man.
Though my nights defy sunrise,
I wake up everyday with a wide eye open to the new choices
that lies ahead of me, hoping to find fresh hope through
the mind of a female entity.
I hope that whoever read this will have a wide eye open
to the new choices that awaits her and embrace my past,
and my present.
Seeing that history with out a woman,
A man shall never breathe..

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