Tony Henk

Tony Henk #091304
WRC; PO Box 220
Winnebago, WI 54985-0220
At this moment I am looking for a penpal for moral support during my incarceration. So far I have been locked up almost 10 years.. I ‘m looking for someone that can let me know how life is outside of walls or fences. Plus someone that believes in the creator of life of the earth. Someone that don’t play games and down the road may visit when possible.
I am a white male, 5’8”, blond hair, blue eyes, 187 lbs, 48 years young. I work out in the weight room and try to stay fit for health reasons. To me, looks don’t mean what the heart beats as what comes from the heart. God made us in our own form to be our own person.
I have lived wild and have grown up and daily ask for forgiveness and know I am forgiven for my wrongs. Now I work hard to keep my mind groomed to be the person I need to be as a respected person. I stay out of trouble here and as if I were out and go by the rules. I Stay busy and do a lot of hobby crafts, like bead work, jewelry, acrylic paintings some dream catchers and leather work, drawing greeting cards, and keep jobs and learn new subjects.
Looking for honest friends, no games. Also , I am a gentleman to all . Please write if you’re that person. And I hope the days and nights are always bright for you.

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