Roderick Bankston

Roderick Bankston #249669
GBCI PO Box 19033
Green Bay, 54307

My hope is that as you read these words you’re walking in balance and breathing easy.. or at least on the verge of establishing the two.
I’m looking forward to connecting to someone who’s genuine, open minded, appreciates candor, cherishes friendship, and willing to penetrate the unknown with me. If you possess these qualities I’m sure we will strike gold together. We might just mine some diamonds or even discover an old sacred scroll hidden within our possibility.
Whatever substance our companionship[ produces, I vow to extend all that’s real in me. Meeting and growing with a person is a mutually enriching adventure—something that I’ll definitely value. Beyond the mysterious lies enlightenment, promise, something that caters to our potential. I believe that you and I can bring ours to reality. Please salute me with your pen ( or computer keys) so that our journey can begin.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours and mine

A smile that radiates
keeps the heart glowin’
keen words that penetrate
while keepin’ the mind growin’
A love that’s committed
in times of rain or shine
all that nourishes is permitted
to enter the realm of yours and mines

Can romance be real
one of love’s contradictions
It’s about what we feel
that gives a clear definition
A solid foundation keeps us down to earth
a sincere dedication helps build up the worth.
determined-we’ll make it
so let’s journey on to destiny
fate comes clothed and naked
during states of agony and ecstasy

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