MR Elbert Compton

Mr Elbert Compton #325771
WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805

The True Essence of Captivation
In the interest of new revelations, please open the chambers of your mind and allow these words to caress the core of your curiosity and understand that I don’t mean to impose or intrude on your personal space which isn’t my intent at all. I just want the opportunity to share a verse with you with the hope that this written conversation is able to at east formulate a “thought” that there may be potential for a friendly companion. That’s where all great endings begin!
“N-E-WAYS Babygirl”-
Try to bear with me throughout the course of this correspondence for I’m a virgin in this area of association. And this is not a regular event for me. I don’t just jump out there and like that, but sometimes it’s good to go out on a limb because out on a limb is usually where you find the fruit of the tree! Babygirl, could you possibly be that delicate fruit?

Well, the name that I’m known as is “MONTE” and I’m 5’10”, 200 pounds, athletically built with brown eyes brown skin, I maintain a low fade with 360 degrees waves. I’m a laid back , intrepid, open minded, honest, creative, very intelligent and highly motivated individual with a touch of handsomeness. I love to read , write poems as well as work out 5 times a week.. well, I’m a end with the high hopes of hearing from you soon. Until then , please take care and keep and open mind during and after reading this.

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