Freddie Lee Harris

Freddie lee Harris #702709; Clements Unit; 9601 Spur Unit; Amarillo, Texas 79106

Very needy prisoner housed in segregation in Texas. Freddie Lee Harris needs lots of nurturing notes. His letters are short and he seems to be a beginning writer and is not demanding.

This is from letter of August, 07:
" I am 5'8, 170 good lookin I keep my head shaved I like to have fun and work out and go place write back and say something I like mostly all sports I can't cook too good but I will try to do anything for a friend send me lots of pictures from the world it is lonely in here."
Short, nurturing notes will help this man. He gets out, he says, in 09 and is 45 years old. After Freddie complained of guard abuse, FFUP the wrote Texas Ombudsman at Freddie's request. They replied stating that they interviewed him and he would not give any information, that they are " monitoring " the situation. We feel short letters, pretty cards, and pictures, are what is possible and will do the most good for now .

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