Michael D. Sykes

Michael D. Sykes #339743
Oshkosh Correctional Insitution
PO Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Romance, material possessions, conversations about traveling to the most exotic places on the planet are all things I'd love to make the subject of my page. Hell, they may even be exactly what you want or need to hear right now.
Thing is, I'm in no position to make the things I'd prefer to talk about the topic of my conversation. A decision I hope is a positive testament to my character and/or eliminates the negative perceptions that many have about people in prison.
I can't change my current situation, but my actions today do determine the outcome of my future.
While incarcerated, I plan ~to return to college or obtain as many Accounting credits as possible, but without some form of outside support, this remains as unattainable goal.
Imagine trying to acquire an education in today's practices and applications when all that's at your disposal is a collection of book that primarily consist of pre-internet era material, from the 70's and 80's. That's the challenge I'm faced with in trying to reach my goals. It ain't easy!!
Here's how you can help me: a simple donation to current books and/or periodicals, or your time(by sharing your life experiences, personal beliefs/views/area(s) of knowledge or education), would help me tremendously and definitely provide more resources than my prison library.
However, my prison imposes strict rule son the contents and delivery of literature, so contact me before sending any reading material.

DOB: 4/17/79
RACE: Black/Africa American
CONVICTED OF: Intent to sell cocaine

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