Ryan Garrison

Ryan Garrison#299125

Green Bay Correctional Institution; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, WI 53581

NAME: Ryan Garrison . AGE:28 on December 25th 2008
ABOUT ME: I am looking for something different than what I am used to, Meaning, I am ready to slow down, I have lived a fast paced life that had cantered around others and now that I an here I realized that I should/K have focused on different values. I was never married, I don't have any children and fortunately I will be finished with my time here in prison August 2008. Therefore I am looking for a friend....well, I can not say who or exactly what I want..I am just interested in getting to know who I find. WRITE IF INTERESTED & -We'll take it from there.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
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big mike said...

hey man come out and do what you got to do it is time out for games or living that fake ass gangster life you have a very entelligent little sister who is headed in the right direct she works with my wife melanie and your damn there 30yrs. old if you don't change now your never going to change i have been knowing you since kindergarden so let's cut the shit don't be God fearing while your locked away with no options and then come out and get back into that clown ass criminal life style your only true friend big mike and check out my blog too if i didn't care i wouldn't take the time to type this i am so proud of ferrin i probably spelled it wrong but you know what i mean her head is on straight bro i dropped her off from work on her first day she is putting her money where her mouth is she has it together all she talks about is her son but anyway check out my blog much love peace

big mike said...

yeh man i was visiting you before and you got out and did the same shit in 2004 that is why over the past 4yrs i haven't been communicating with you because i wasn't about to get a record hanging around you and i expected better from you and still do i heard from nicole the last time you got out you were looking for me. you see i have always been your only true friend not michael haze not none of them other clowns because i always knew you could be better than you were and it is more stupid for someone who has the ability to better to not do it than someone who doesn't have the ability to do better it's wasted talent so come out and follow your little sister's example and be the man God's called you to be

peggy said...

These prisoners have no email, no internet. Please use the address given in the post to contact them. If you leave a message for the prisoner here, please leave us your address or email and we will send your first message.the first one. You can also email FFUP directly at swansol@mwt.net