Marvin Wilson

Marvin Wilson #297343
Green Bay Correctional Institution
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307
Age 29
Height 5'9"
weight 190
interests: reading non fiction books, writing books and poetry, exercising and basket ball. Looking for a honest, well rounded woman to share quality time and thoughts with.

Tell Me The Truth
Tell me the truth what do you like
Does it hurt or is it alright?
Please let me know so I satisfy you.
Tell me the truth I will never lie to you.
Does the world make you wonder
Why it is lightening and thunder?
Sparks fly, this is passion that I am talking about.
The mental and physical attraction brings it all out.
Tell me the truth and I will tell you a secret
If you tell me the truth I promise I will keep it.
Your truth is now with me, my heart is in pain, questioning love.
Second guessing my faith because I can't touch the sky above.
This is my truth the world is against me.
The truth is, I'm innocent but in the penitentiary .
I ask you to believe in me so we can grow.
deep inside your heart if you really want to know.
Tell me the truth about you is all I ask.
Just tell me the truth I will tell you it back.

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Anonymous said...

I love him as a person and I don't know him