DeCarlos Young

DeCarlos Young#421325
CCI, PO Box 900;Portage WI 53901

Greetings and Salutations!
As you have already noticed, my name is Mr. DeCarlos Young $421325. I am currently being housed at Columbia Correctional Institution.

At this moment I would like to use this opportunity to enlighten you on myself. I am 30 years of age. My date of birth is 4-20-77. I'm a father of four beautiful souls- three smart young black women and a stand up young black man . All four are destined for greatness- all teenagers.

Like almost everyone else in Wisconsin, I'm from another state (Chicago), but most unfortunately I find myself incarcerated after such a move. I know it may sound funny to some but even though this happened I don't regret it because this is part of my destiny and I deeply feel that where I sit is a necessary evil and learning experience that has helped me in becoming a stronger man in mind, body and soul.
I'm currently being help on a first degree reckless homicide. I was sentenced to 35 years in and 20 years out but I'm still fighting said case. I was also sentenced to 4 years in and 1 year out for escaping from the Milwaukee county Jail. I've been down for 6 years now.

I am a very sincere individual and the truth means a lot to me. I also feel very deeply that if you lie to a person it's very evident that you hold no form of respect for that person.

I did not place myself on this website to try and deceive anyone nor use any form of fallacies that also is known as a simple jailhouse game, for I am no actor nor do I hold any desire to be one. My intentions are very honorable. I'd just like to correspond with women with intellectual minds. To me a mind and a good heart are the most beautiful assets any woman could ever possess. At this time I would like to close this advertisement by saying a woman is only beautiful when she holds knowledge of self and knows her self worth. Thank you for your time. Please no men!

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Anonymous said...

i read this and very muh so...i hope one day that justice would be serve for you and your "daughter" sake. my name is Diamond Young...luv ya