Patrick McGee

Patrick U. McGee #207014 ;Green Bay Correctional Institution; P.O. Box 19033; Green Bay, Wisconsin 54307
Hello Ladies,

I am 38-years-old. I stand 6'feet, 210 Ibs. with brown eyes. I have been incarcerated for 18-years, with about 18 more to go. During my incarceration, I have received two degree's; one in Sociology, the second in Business Management. In addition, I am thinking about going for another.
Now I am not looking for; or asking for anything out of the ordinary. Just for someone willing to get to know me, and the man that I have become. Me myself, I'm an equal opportunist; nothing matters more to me then an individuals personality. I do my best to stay positive. Moreover, of course, I also consider myself an authentic person, with an optimistic mind-set, whom is full of life.
I am hopeful for an opportunity to find someone to share thoughts and ideas with. I do not have any family in Wisconsin. In addition, it would be good to receive a letter or two with a few kind words. If this is you, then write me. However, if this is not you, then it was nice of you to give me a moment of your time. I truly appreciate that.
Patrick U. McGee #207014 Green Bay Correctional Institution P.O. Box 19033 Green Bay, Wisconsin 54307

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