Jarrell Covington

Jarrell Covington #387393; Columbia Correctional Institution, PO Box 900; Portage, Wi 53901

To the unseen person who stands before me, searching like I am
for that one true opportunity for a real friendship, maybe more as time goes by. I usually don't write someone I don't know because there are few women(single) who know how to keep it real. I'm looking to establish a foundation on which "we" can build a true and meaningful relationship. I'm looking for that woman who knows how to stand beside a man and encourage him in all the ways of life. You know there are some things in life that people just have to go for when the opportunity presents itself. (like now) I hope this letter caught you in the best of moods.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jarrell Covington, better known as JC. I'm 28, 5'10'' and 190 pounds as you can see from my picture. I'm a well mannered man with a sense of humor. I like lifting, playing softball, reading and basically everything that's fun. I'm interested in meeting someone who don't mind corresponding regularly. I'll patiently await your reply.

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