George Mitchell

George Mitchell #259224; GBCI; Po Box 19033; GreenBay, Wi 54307
Let me take this occasion to indicate in advance for my pen to speak for my mind since I can't use my tongue. The presentation of my letters have been considered somewhat similar to a fifth of a Hennessey, they go down smooth but ten minutes later, they hit you, leaving you intoxicated... to take this consideration a step further, allow me a moment to introduce myself.
My name is George L Mitchell, I'm 32 years old and right now I'm searching for what's really missing in my life-"A Friend!" I'm incarcerated for determining to be the best at all the wrong things, so like all other things in life, I'm paying for what I wanted. While I am in this present location, it doesn't define me as a "Man" but rather, my conditions. I'm into a variety of music, everything from hip=hop to Old school R&B and even some rock and roll. I believe in keeping things real and I'm a good listener. I also believe in the power of family and I know behind every great man stands a woman- kicking him in the ass every once in a while to keep him straight. I'm no Einstein, but I believe that intelligence can be gained from every person I meet. So Ladies, before you slide your mouse to another ad, I would ask that you take out the time to rethink the possibilities of us sharing a lasting but Quality Acquaintance! I will end by saying, I will await on your "Beautiful Friendship."

Some specifics:
I'm 32 yrs old, 187 pounds, brown eyes, nice length of hair, and I'm from Racine. I was born Oct 15,1974 so that makes me a Libra. My release date is Nov 20, 2009 but I may be able to go home sometime in Mar 2008 if the judge grants me my 75%.

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