Walter Jehovany Coto

Walter Jehovany Coto #J88438; CSP B3-215;PO Box 5005; Calipatria, CA 92233

To whom it may concern: My name is Walter Jehovany Coto, and I am a prisoner here in California State Prison. I've got 15 years of time. I'd been here for 12 years already. I am looking for a penpal. I speak and write both English and Spanish. I believe I am a handsome man. I am 30 years of age, I got in jail when I was 18 years old. I am serving 15 years which of those I only have 3 years left.
Here's a little info on myself: I weigh 170 pounds, I stand like about 5'9". I am brown skinned, brown eyes, dark brown hair. I am an open minded person. I don't treat woman wrong. I love women, that's the best thing in life, in this world, that could happen to men. I know alot would agree with that.
Since I came to prison, alot of things changed for me physically. I grew two inches, I used to be 5'7" and now I am 5'9". I used to weigh 135, now I weigh 170. My shoe size has gone from 7 to 91/2. I was 18 years old and now I am a mature man of 30. My birthday is 9-16-76. I'm a confident person, way better educated, very respectful. I have not been married nor have any kids. I am a very fit person and work out regularly, play sports, never use drugs or liquor- only beer . I was brought to this world into a religious family, they are Christian. I am personally not a religious man, I believe in God but I just don't believe in being in church every night and giving some of my money to another instead of giving it to the poorest. These are the ones that need it. I believe there's more religions than happy kids or happy families in this country. But oh well, we all need to do our part. I really hope my letter touches hearts and minds out there. Any female, Latin, white, Asian, Black, please write. People are always more beautiful on the inside than the outside. God Bless you and God bless all those people out there who feel the other's pain, especially the struggle- not just the problems. Sincerely, Walter J Coto. Please take a chance on me.

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