Lemorial Silk

Lemorial Silk#127322
Coffeewood Corr Cntr
Po Box 500
Mitchells, VA

date of Birth: 5-17-60;eyes: brown; hair:Black; skin: light complexion
I've wanted alot of things in my life; to ride a horse, fly in a plane, be president of the United States, but none equivalent to the necessity and desire I harbor to have a woman in my life whom I can practice loving every day. Do the things that pleases her, make her smile, provide emotional security, and demonstrate permanence, and do the things lovers do.
I've been wrong for so long, it's almost unbelievable experiencing the shame and degradation brought on by my own insidious behavior. I want to say to someone, anyone, "hey, I'm so very sorry." Not wanting to simply be forgiven, more so, wanting to earn forgiveness.
I want to put in the work, be questioned, hold your hand and say, "This is why I know how to love you, I've seen in inside myself, not simply hearing about it, I feel it, it feels good, and therefore, administrating it comes natural, a habit.
Being optimistic is what I cling to each day, staying in shape physically, and maintaining awareness of the economical changes of society today. I will not make this mistake again.
I can't deny that being alone makes me feel incomplete, with an existing void that needs to be occupied and an urge to be rewarded the opportunity to be part of a relationship I can call my own.Will you let me?

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