Imond Hicks

Imond Hicks 151620
901 Corrections Way
Jarratt, VA 23870

DOB: 9/24/66. Single male, mixed white/Black, 6'1" and keeps between 195lbs and 200lbs. Parole eligible any year (no fixed date). Loves to read, write stories, draw, be creative and smile. Incarcerated for homicide in 1986. Seeking people to take over my mother's business in CA.

I've spent my time incarcerated wisely by completing Associates, learning Spanish and French, studying the art of creative writing and drawing. I like to pass my time in creative endeavors and inspiring others to achieve their potential.
I'm looking for a friend who'd like to share how his or her life is out on the street as I'm getting close to parole. I'm interested in almost any subject under the sun. Have fun and write me today.

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1 comment:

Liana said...

Imond Hicks has a marvelous sense of humor and likes to play guitar and keyboard.