Lavann Macon

Lavann Macon #108634; CCI; PO Box 900; Portage, Wi 53901 ( in photo, Lavann is on left)
I'm a 48 year old Black male of ambrosia color seeking anyone who can imagine how it feels to be lonely, race unimportant, loneliness is. My eyes are brown, I'm 6', 200 lbs. I like music and dancing, traveling. I write poems, I like to get into something new and different and in general I like having fun and enjoying life and all the pleasures of being alive.

My likes: intelligence, a good sense of humor, deep sexy revealing eyes, warm pretty smiles, and the smell of perfume.
My dislikes: dishonesty, fake people, racism, and promises made and not kept.
I'm college educated with a degree in culinary arts. I'm a licensed and certified chef.

I have been incarcerated for going on 19 years. My crime was robbery. I do not have an out date. I am now in court and my chances of being freed within the next 2 years are good.

I'm not a superficial type man; I'm warm, caring, giving, understanding, compassionate, and oh so lonely.
I am in great need of communication- all my hopes dreams and fears are locked up inside me with no one to share them with. . If you could help this lonely man, I would be more than thankful.

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