Noah James Moon;optomistic, fun loving, single and looking

Noah James Moon #375406; Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility; 301 Wadaga Rd, Baraga, MI 49908

personal Information :nickname:"Murdock"; date of release: earliest 2009, maximum date of release:2018; race:caucasion; age:23 ; birthday:1-18-1983; religion: Christian; marital status: single and searching

Physical description: height:5'11'':weight:153lbs.;hair color: blondish brown; eye color: sparkling blue

I'm very open-minded and optimistic and have a fun loving personality. I have a great sense humor and a great sense of style. I own a sign company with my father called "Noahsigns"(http://www.noahsigns.com/) and I am financially stable and self motivated. I am humble yet confident and very spontaneous. I know how to cook and clean due to the fact I own my own home and therefore learned to be self- sufficient. I am anxious to meet a woman with whom I can build with mentally as we explore one another's thoughts, hopes and aspirations.

Hobbies and Interests: I love traveling and seeing new places, cuddling with a woman on the porch swing under a blanket during a storm, going to the beach, singing; writing music, playing all sports, reading a good novel, studying my Bible, making people smile each day, writing books and short stories, going out on occasions to the bars or clubs in town to let loose, and I try to learn something new every day.
other things, skills etc: carpentry, computers ,social awareness, poker playing ability, racing snowmobiles and dirt bikes, accounting, performing magic tricks and much more...

I am looking for a woman who is willing to laugh, smile and enjoys life and who is willing to write as consistently as I am.. I wish to find a woman I can give the proper sunlight and water ( wisdom and encouragement) to and watch her bloom into the full beauty that she possesses. It is not a woman to care for me that I seek, but rather it is a woman that I can care for emotionally. I need a woman who understands the needs of a man behind bars and who isn't adolescent minded.

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