Craig Dixon, Fine poet

Craig (Ke) Dixon #202197;
Milwaukee Secure detention facilty(MSDF)
PO Box 05740
Milwaukee, Wi 53205

I'm a black male: 6'7" and 210 lbs. I'm very spiritual but non denominational. I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Date of birth 7-02-70.
My hobbies include basketball, swimming, biking, wrestling, reading, extreme sports, and chess. I'm an X-man comic book fanatic.
I'm hoping to find unique and open-minded individuals to correspond with. I'm in desperate need of positive influences who can help me put my life back on the right track.

Two Poems by Craig Dixon
Inner City Blues
So many problems in the neighborhood
Everybody's up to no good
and I'd leave if I could
but I'm trapped behind invisible walls
stuck in the muck of the ghetto
Now witness what it did to us all
Future doctors are now crackheads
newborn babies being crack-fed
They ended welfare and that lead
to crime increasing until that spread
like an epidemic and it hit us like the black plague
No unity in the community-it's everyman for himself
and you'd be dead before they offered you help
so we try to make the most out of the cards we are dealt
until our pain is universally felt
We treat rap like it's our only escape
and on the mic they brag and boast about the money they make
Claiming gangster, when they're phony and fake
Trapped in a desolate state
I'd give them props if I could only relate
For God's sake, what does it take for us to open our eyes
and smarten up or we will never survive
The way we're living is destroying our lives
and what I'm seeing's bringing tears to my eyes
Ke #212197

When I look in the mirror, the only thing that I see
is the face of a stranger looking back at me
A loser, a convict, drug abuser
alcoholic, worthless bum with no future
My mindstate's in dire straights
Should I surrender to the madness and accept my Fate
I'm trying to change my ways-but it's too late
Now I'm trapped in a place that I can't escape
Dirty rotten to the core-always plottin'
Innocence is past tense-it's gone and forgotten
Lost in the system, the cost of my thuggery
Suddenly-I'm feeling stressed out and utterly
useless- the truth is, I hate what I'm seeing
as I stare into the face of this cruel human being
Fleeing this projection of self-seeking protection
Running away from my own reflection

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Okie said...

hey bro hang in there!! I see you got alittle something on the web its a start later Okie

Reno said...


What's up, man? Is this really Kilo? Man I hope you get this. I was about to write you a letter and thought I would google your name on the internet and found this post and it totally sounds like you. I saw a letter you wrote to my brother John and that you are getting out soon. that is sweet! We are working on things here, trying to get some clothes together for you. But remember, you are one of the biggest dudes. I got you a money order for $75 already and will send it this week some time. And, I should have a little for you when you get out. You know you got support and love Ke, I just hope we can do enough to keep yoo on the right track. Man we miss you. looking forward to seeing you again. Hang in there, see you soon!!!!!