Christopher Cody, "Boss"

Christopher Cody #341945
WSPF; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805

A Brief Description of Myself
Greetings to all of the beautiful women who are understanding, loving and willing to take the time to read this brief ad and allowing themselves to embrace a confined heart. As your precious eyes float gracefully across each line examining every word I can only hope to interest you in a man of ripe form. It’s obvious that my life style has landed me in such a place so I am not going to pretend to be a good angel or mislead you with a sad story in any way. All that I have written into this ad is engraved from the heart and pure.

My name is Christopher Cody but everybody calls me boss. I’m a 24 yr old youthful and energetic African American male. I stand 6 ft. 2 in. tall. I weigh in as a solid yet slim athletically built 210 pounds with beautifully sculpted sexy bedroom body. (smile) I have long hair just past shoulder length. Chestnut brown skin complexion, and oak brown eyes.

We all know perfectly well that that stands alone as a physical description of myself as a male but it doesn’t begin to describe the depths of me as a man. Above all I can honestly say that I’m very loving and lovable with a open heart. I would love to meet women of all walks of life who long to be embraced by something mutual within the boundaries of a friendship that we both can cherish for eternity. Share your thoughts, poems, stories, hobbies, and exchange desires of the heart through correspondence

After a long day of work and no play
Conversation becomes a release for the muscles that ache and the mind that stresses, more work for play…
The beauty of the feminine physique awakens all the senses, made more aware between the sheets, from the stare of such eyes to the flare of ones speech..
Loves touch stabilizes the worries of the world twice over night, all in time before the strength of the strong finds no more reason to fight..
So near to hugs and kisses, beyond the pulling of ones clothes to stimulation at its deepest penetration equivalent to a climax left froze…

If she didn’t cause my voice to shiver I’d just as soon sing
Erect next to her softness, no sex just spooning

If Only
If only situations were different and confinement within ones self held no existence
Then only then will I no longer defend or yield to resistance if only out of fear I could pursue with persistence All would be calm within all of my senses if only within my palms I could grab destroy and release defenses
If only the pursuit of such was to be considered senseless then maybe I could allow my heart to give up and no longer want or yearn for you.
If you actually meant less
Full of desire
Passion and dedication
Yet lonely
I escape
From what reality
And wonder
If only

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