Isaac Berkley, from VA, looking for 1st penpal

Isaac Berkley III #317135
Coffee Correctional Ctr. ; Po Box 500; Mitchells, VA 22729

My name is Isaac Berkley III. I'm 27 years old. I'm mixed, I have gold skin, black curly hair and I stand 6 feet tall. Unfortunately, I'm incarcerated in Virginia. This is my first attempt at writing anyone outside the people I know. I'm looking for someone that's down to earth and very open-minded like myself. Age or race does not matter. Who ever write me- I don't want anything from you but you. What I am looking for is something that's pure. Speaking one's mind and honesty means a lot. People in my life now only know me for what I was, and what I used to do on the streets. I carried myself well and was well respected.

Before I got locked up I did not express my thoughts and true feeling s to anyone. I did not let anyone get too close to me. Me- as a man on the inside was falling apart. Therefore the people know really don't know the real me. They are just stuck in what I used to do, and the materialistic things that I had. It's hard explaining what I am trying to say.

To make a long story short have never had a woman in my life, besides my mom, that I just talked to and explained how I felt. I always played the tough guy. Now I want someone in my life that I can talk to and listen to. I like outspoken people because I am very outspoken. I like crazy conversations- the thoughts that you keep to yourself because, if you told someone, they would think something is wrong with you. That's what I give and also like hearing. There's a lot to know about me. I'm far from a burden. if you need someone that's real, I'm here waiting for you.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
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friend said...

hello there my name is eileen and if you like i can be your pen pal
you can let me know take care bye

peggy said...

Isaac Berkely has no email but would love to hear from you. Please write him at the address given OR you can email me with your address and a first letter, and I will get it to him . I am low on stamps so I can only do this once. Email is give on side bar.