Rory George knows noone in this state

Rory George # 479653;
Green Bay Correctional Institution(GBCI)
PO Box 19033;
Green Bay, Wi 54307

My name is Rory George and I'm 28 years old (12-23-77). I have blond hair and blue eyes. I stand at 5'10" and weigh 185 lbs. I work out and play all sports, I'm not too big or small. I'm from Minneapolis, MN and I don't know anybody in this state. I'm here for armed robbery and my outdate is 1-1-2025. Doesn't sound appealing but I'm fighting for some of this time back.

I'm really just looking for a good friend who likes to write letters and exchange ideas on life. I go to church, so somebody on that wave link would be nice, but I will answer all letters. Age and race are not a concern for me.

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Shari said...

Hey stranger .. been a few years but I tracked you down. Haha, anyways, I have a letter in the mail as we speak, hopefully we can catch up soon !

lisa40 said...

hi i dont think u will remeber me my name is lisa i knew u when u were dating candy

lisa40 said...

hi i dont know if u remeber me but i hung around you when u dated candy i was pregnet my name is lisa

lisa40 said...

hi my name is lisa i knew u when u were dating candy

bd612 said...

Rory what up its bd.... wow 2025 man rough... you will get through it tho you been there b4 but it ain't no fun man... not for you bro... drop me a letter... 11121 cottonwood st. Nw. Coon rapids mn 55448