marteze Harris

Marteze Harris #161543
Waupun Correctional Institution
PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963

A Poem
The First Time We Meet
I never knew out of the blue would come you
so beautiful and true
Thr first words you spoke in pen and paper were smooth as the river
more precious that gold and silver
Visualizing your appearance similar to the "sun"
and your eyes sparkling exactly like diamonds
In my mind God for his spectacular creation
at the same moment enjoying this marvelous sensation
Opening the doors to my heart, mind and soul to acception
including conception providing you with the
option to do on me a introspection
wondering are you pleased with my dark skin complexion
During tribulations you would be my inspiration,
during tribulations you would be my meditation
Realizing I'm revealing to you in writing and actions
that I will be your strength whenever you are weak.
The first time we meet.
I pray you enjoyed the poetry? Yes, it is a nice ice breaker( smile). Well , my name is Marteze and I am 36 (scorpio). I was born in ST Louis , MO but I was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've been incarcerated 13 years. I see the parole board in 2011. I stand 6'2", 240 pounds, dark chocolate. I'm not hard on the eyes. (smile)
I enjoy a whole range of interests. I enjoy watching sports but I love playing even more- basketball, softball, football, lifting weights and I'm pretty good at table tennis.
My hobbies are a little more laid back- reading, poetry, music, and just enjoying my own person. I am a avid political junky! I watch c-span, world news., local news...anything political.
My immediate future goal is to enroll in a college correspondence course, to be a paralegal. So any lawyers, paralegals or legal secretaries willing to share their legal expertise with me would be greatly appreciated.
Now a personal note.. I am a simple man who made some bad choices in my life. And I am man enough to accept responsibility for those choices and own those mistakes and consequences that come with them. I am not looking for sympathy from anyone. Just a friend to share my thoughts, dreams, desires and experiences with -someone who won't try to look down on me or judge me for the choices I've made but accept me for the man I am today!
So if you feel like I am soneone you would like to know, then please write. All questions are welcome.
Until pen meets paper again,
Respectfully, Marteze