Lyle Hayward

Lyle Hayward- 774976-c1147
Wakulla Correctional Institution
110 Melaleuca Drive
Crawfordville, Florida 32325

Hello?! Is there anybody out there?! Can anyone hear me?! Well lets hope that this will reach human life form. My name is Lyle Hayward and I am stuck in a vacuum, a vortex, a black hole that is known by civilization as Florida Department of Corrections and will be released to the so call 'civilization' on 11/7/22 ( yep that’s the year 2022). Well that is 'if' the world still exists by then.

I am 39 years old and am looking for a avid writer between the ages of 37 and 173 years old; to correspond with to help me pass my time and help me with my sanity. Someone to build a world with where we can be ourselves with out worry of ridicule and/ or reprisal. A place where we can meet up being ourselves and be comfortable. A refuge against the storms in life. A place where we can be silly, serious, sharing, ourselves. A world built on the foundation of: friendship, loyalty, honesty, and trust. A place to share our thoughts, fears, dreams, goals, fantasies, disappointments, achievements, and even dump our baskets full of regrets when the need arises. A place to go when we are lonely, sad, angry, happy, excited, anxious, etc... A place where we know it will all be alright. A place where we can bare it all; going in broken and naked and heal ourselves. A place to use as a sounding board to bounce ideas and such off of. A place to learn and grow. A place where we can be true to ourselves. I.ll meet you there! No head game or liars allowed! If your not going to keep it Real. Don’t write!