Ralph Gaskin

"Ralph Gaskin #167385"

ASPC-Phx-Aspen-C-9 5
P.O. Box #52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072

My name is Ralph Gaskin, I am 38 years old, white, 5"7" tall, 170 Ibs. I was born in Ammarillo, Texas. I am currently unable to send photos, as I don't have any, but will submit one as one becomes available. My likes are: God, honesty, cooking, writing, swimming, and exercise, and also hard work. My dis­likes are: dishonesty, laziness, and drugs. I am an Ordained Minister with a Doctor of Divinity Degree. I am studying for a degree in Pastoral Ministry, and a degree in Religious Education. I am a humble servant og God. I have been in prison 7 years and am due to be released in early 2011. I woul denjoy writing anyone who is interested in a pen-friend...

In His Grip,
Ralph Gaskin