James Gibson

"James Gibson #J-07170"

California Correctional Insitute
P.O. Box #1906 IVB5B202
Tehachapi, CA 93581

Hi there, I'm Jimmy and I'm looking for new friends. Nationality has no boundaries, and size does not matter. I'm American-Norwegian, I design art, write poetry, play guitar, love to be outdoors. I enjoy science & non-fiction, space exploration, topics on UFO's, Big Foot, and politics with governmental private views. I'm an active member of "Earth Action Network", doing all I can to help conserve our environment, bring the troops home, and taking part in the needed change for America. Dismantle Nuclear warheads, stabilization for the Middle East, friendship with Russia, and peace within Isreal, and it's borders.

I'm currently locked up for Assault charges. I was protecting an elderly woman from being robbed, and I'm the one who ended up in jail. I'll be out October 15, 2009. I'm single, an Electrician, and need someone who really cares and has a passion to love and help people in need. You can contact me by writing the address above...
Sincerely, James