Robert Sharp

Robert Sharp - 13228-026
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. box 5000
Pekin, IL 61555

Hi, my name is Robert, I'm 29 years old, a Taurus, Catholic, from Central Illinois and I'm looking at being released late this year, early next year, thanks to changes in the crack/cocaine sentencing changes within the federal system. Yeah, I know, I'm white and in prison for selling crack, it's a funny story, write me and I'll tell you all about it.

My interests include fitness, I'm a personal trainer. I'm a huge Chicago Cub fan, it's a generational curse, LOL. I plan to pass on this misery to my own children someday, lol. I'm a democratic leaning political anarchist and enjoy healthy political debate. I'm an avid reader, enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and only watch a little T.V. (60 Minutes and Nip/Tuck), too much turns your brain to mush. I believe the government is using sitcoms like Every body Loves Raymond and Two And A Half Men to dumb down the masses so that a totalitiarian government can conquer us in the near future without much resistence, just kidding, kind of.

I hope, thru this web site, that I'll be able to find someone I can build a strong heterosexual friendship with that can possibly lead to a relationship where upon my release we can get loud and ignorant with each other in public, someone who will cut up my clothes and destroy all my other personal property, call the police on me for nonsense and when things are going exceptionally well, will sleep with my friends behind my back, lol. I can't wait to hear from you.