Jeff Poff

Jeff Poff 390966
PO Box 351
WAUPUN, WI 53963

S/H/M/ early 30's, originally from Panama. Looking to correspond with peopole form all walks of life/different parts of the world.

I'm looking 4 someone to either help me write a book about my life story or someone who can help me with my case. It's political so it's a true challenge!!

Blood of a Slave, Hart of a King

Have you ever seeing those dogs that people use 4 dog fights? After they’ve been subjected to extreme harsh conditions like being locked up in a “ cage” 4 months at a time or even years without the proper med treatment of water or even just allowing treats , to act like “normal dogs?”
Well, that’s exactly what I feel like today. I feel like a damn animal that’s been locked up in a cage too long.
Even the “outside light” which we barely see unless we’re taken out to those other “bigger cages” and we climb upI a wall, hurt my eyes to look at when I seen” Damn now I know what my two pitbulls felt that I used to keep locked up in the basement most of the time while I lived the fast life on Chicago’s South Side streets.
I remember how sometimes in the afternoons as the sun was going down I used to take my dog s out on runs with heavy chains rapped around their necks and I used to “punch” them or “kick” them hard on their small solid little bodies every time they would either slow down or they would start to show any type of “normal or human “ emotions. It’s like I use to get off watching them act mean or ugly.
Well , like they say, Karma iz a bitch when it catches up with us and even doe I never used my dogs 4 –fighting, only for “protection”, I still feel like I deserve the very thing that I’ve gotten this past 8 years that I’ve been locked down in a cage suffering day and night 4 a crime that I didn’t commit just like those two beautiful dogs did every time that I hurt them .
But you know what? Maybe, just maybe if god’s mercy can endure and he ca forgive me 4 all the wrong that I’ve done maybe god will allow the truth to cum out someday before I lose my soul behind these walls.
“A saint I’m not but sinner who keeps on trying”. Those were the words of Nelson Mandela, a “political prisoner” just like me. Please write US Atty Mario Gonzalez from Milwaukee WI and tell him to stop protecting Alfredo Montenez AKA Shorty and Hugo Deportillo , the two men who killed Gabriel Peyez, the victim in my case.
I’m willing to pay for my mistakes and admit my wrong, but I don’t deserve to be doing time 4-a crime I didn’t commit. I’m not a killer. I was only s “lost sheep” trying to find a home out on the streets. Now I’m a soldier4- God trying to do the right thing.

Jeff Puff #390966; WCI Po Box 351; Waupun , Wi 53963

PSS After I was arrested down in Chicago and brought back to WI one day, while I was on the phone with my people down there, they told me how “Prieta”, my female pitbull and “Oso” my male pitbull had both become “excellent companions”. They said that at first both of them really struggled being out of their “cages”all the time and running around the yard FREE.
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