Mirodello Ashford

Mirodello M Ashford #93489
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Main Prison Magnolia-One
Angola, LA 70712

My name’s pronounced Miro-del-lo, Mac –Ka- da- me- on ,Ash-ford but feel free to call me ”Dell” which is a a small portion of my first name or “pickle”, my nickname. I’m biracial (Black and Italian) with a light brown complexion , brown eyes and black short cut curly hair.. I'm 5’8” tall , 187 pounds and I try to keep in shape by working out with light weights. Prior to my confinement I resided I New Orleans, Louisiana, home of the Mardigras, where I was born and raised. I’m currently serving a life sentence under the multiple bill that’s on appeal for an armed robbery I didn’t commit.

I study God’s word, the law, love to read , draw up writs, write letters and poetry. I enjoy cooking, dining out , the outdoors , music, movies, wholesome conversation, long walks, drives, big trucks, motor bikes , kids pets and leathercraft. I’m committed to family , friends and a desire to keep God at the head of all . . I will go that extra mile to keep it real with you, even tho, these are times when most hold closer to fiction than fact and will hold a lie higher than the trust.
I’m a friend who will reach for your hand and touch your heart, my interests are many and my desire is to be true, obtain wisdom via knowledge and make you not regret we met. I’m a well kept 52 year old (12-8-56) that is working for the cause of ridding this country of a prison system that’s failed us all, especially the tax payers. Write to get to know me, a freedom fighter.

Sincerely cordial,

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