johnnie Jones

Johnnie Jones #408983
WCI; PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963
My name is Johnnie Jones. I reflect 30 years of a wise , live, intelligent and open mind..pure heart and understanding of many walks of life. I stand 6 ft 4in, 240 lbs. I am humble , but entirely my own man..I do not take refuge in pettiness or childlike games. I am not inclined to think as other men who think without merit. I am a lover: a love of God, of life and of humanity. I rejoice in all things beautiful, be that person, positions or state -of -mind. I am scheduled to return home Dec. 21st,09. I'm hoping to connect with and befriend mentally supportive people, and those who can assist with finding other support resources.. and ensure a smooth transition. I have no access to my photos meaning that I am in solitary confinement while I'm conducting this missive.. So I humbly ask: if a picture reflects a thousand words..then allow a few words to reflect a thousand pictures- bless me a little for, I bless you always. May God reward you on my behalf.

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