Silkie Nash

Silkie L. Nash #335759
RCI; PO Box 900; Sturtevant WI , 53177
Greetings to all my sisters!
I'm just curious... I would love to know what kind of woman you are... what you have to offer physically, mentally and spiritually?? Let's get to know one another. Let's laugh out loud together when we feel like crying. Let's build the road to a successful friendship together, which may open the gates for a destined relationship. Who knows what we may have in common?? Who knows what we can possibly develop with one another??
I am definitely willing to extend my hand to someone that's seeking happiness just as much as I am. The best thing that could possibly happen to either of us is one stamp and a sheet of paper away. That's a very cheap cost for something so priceless. You'll never know what 'could be', unless you make an attempt at it.
I'll be here patiently waiting... But yeah, I'm a people person. I love having long conversations, but I also listen. Look, see I could lie to you and make it sound fly to you, but I choose to tell you this up front. I'm not with any games or playing mind games, you feel me?? Don't judge me until you meet me. Do you know when you're gonna be meeting?? Once you find the time to write!!! All races, sizes, uniqueness welcome!

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