Jason Whitson

Jason Whitson
P.V.S.P. D-GYM-133
PO Box 8504
Coalinga, CA 93210

My name is Jason. I'm a romantic 30 year old white American in search of a female friend. One that is open to a meaningful friendship. I have made many mistakes in the past, which has allowed me to learn and grow from them. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor, so if you're looking for a good laugh and a new friend... I WELCOME YOU!!

I would also like to say that I'm not into playing games with peoples hearts. I have a genuine friendship to offer. If you allow yourself to write me, not only will you find a friend... but someone who might be that one special someone you might be looking for. I get out of here in 9 months, so let's discover that uniqueness we all hold inside.

I'm 6'3", 178 lbs, slim and very well built. I love to workout and exercise. I'm single and never been married. I have a beautiful little boy that I love to cherish and spend time with when I see him. I work and live in Hanford, California. I work for a fertilizer facility and paint houses as a side job. I also like to go snowboarding, camping and hanging out with friends. I'm looking for a nice friend with a bright smile. One who is compassionate, honest, has a vibrant personality and willing to exchange photos.


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