Wesley Brennan

Wesley Brennan
PO Box A
Cresson, PA 16699

Hi! My name is Wesley and I'm 37 years old. My birthday is 11/27/1970. My eyes are brown and my hair is black. I am a fun loving person who likes to go out and have fun, like dancing or going to the movies. Even just going for a walk or relaxing at home with some slow jams, oldies, jazz or old school reggae music.

I am a computer tech and build computers. I sometimes play video games and listen to music alot.. I was arrested in 2003 for various charges of assault and am up for parole in December 2010.

If you like the things I do or a person who is just looking for a friend to write, then please write me!



Anonymous said...

i hope you never get out.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you again Wesley. You should do very well as a computer person when you get out of prison. Looking forward to seeing you when you get out of prison.