Leslie Bing

Leslie Bing #AJ-1221
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

HI! How are you?
I’m a prisoner longing to relate with someone for friendship and spiritual growth. I would love to communicate with someone within the United States and/or world-wide!

I love people of all cultures and races. Love making friendships (I only speak English), love traveling, being active, reading, writing, especially : free style expression. I have no requirements and/or stipulations on the basis of friendship with anyone. You can be any age, race, come from any place, any culture, religious-background etcetera—I only expect a basic level of being open minded, being respectful, and candidness.

Goal: to be free from incarceration. To make a worth –while mark in my life as a better human being and person. I have no connection with anyone in the outside world. I’m just a lonely soul doing my best to reach out and touch someone.

Friendship, communication, would be greatly appreciated. “Value beyond words.”

In Thought and prayers of you!

FRIENDSHIP: Is the appreciation of all beings: human, animal, plant, The harmony and natural order of life.
FRIENDSHIP: Is godly in character.
FRIENDSHIP: Is being kind, being mindful, being respectful, always expressing the truth and being a friend.
FRIENDSHIP: Is that rare and valuable treasure of the human spirit.
FRIENDSHIP: Is bodies coming together, In masses of meaningful work and expression of peace. Minds being combined, In oneness of goals, values, growth and learning. Spirits being entwined, In sharing and caring.
FRIENDSHIP: Is the highest form of civilization, without such; "Being civilized does not exist".
FRIENDSHIP: Is the key of human survival and life.

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