Sidney Chandler

Pugsley Correctional Facility
7401 E Walton Rd
Kingsly, MI 49649

TO: Whom It May Concern.
Here's hoping that my missive finds you doing well and in the very best of health, maintaining high spirits, a positive attitude and a gorgeous smile to boot.
Now in case you're wondering who I am, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is: Sidney Eugene Chandler,III a/k/a "Chang-a-lang". I'm 43-years young/a native of Muskegon, 220-lbs.; 5'9, dark chocolate complexion, w/cocoa brown (bedroom) eyes. I enjoy singing, writing, cooking, eating, meeting new people and passionate, yet genuine love making, but not necessarily in that order. (smile)
This is my sincere attempt at reaching out to the unknown, with hopes of obtaining a sincere FEMALE FRIEND, with whom I can communicate/relate on all levels.
So as your eyes continue to embrace these words, may I insist that you pull up a chair, settle back and eliminate all things which may cause you to be distracted. You see, for what I'm about to say requires your complete and undivided attention.
I've composed this letter with the noble intent of establishing a direct line of communication with you. Depending on how well we cultivate an "overstanding" of one another. Please rest assured that I mean you no harm, "nor disrespect and I'm certainly not one to play games. Ultimately, I would like for you to feel comfortable knowing, that I can be a true, natural, loving, understanding companion & friend. After all, I AM...

BARRED by distance, TRAPPED in a whirlwind of time; SHACKLED with emotion too deep to express in SOLITUDE.
Therefore, I'm seeking a REAL WOMAN who's willing, yet able to share my sentiments. Are you that someone? If so, P.S.V.P! Now if by chance I've aroused your curiosity, I look forward to stirring your imagination, but first you must reply with no hesitation... (smile)
Sidney-Tuigene Chandler,III

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