Roger Vander Logt

Roger Vander Logt #304568
OCI;Po Box 938; Oregon, WI53575
Hey, I'm Roger Vander Logt, 55 years old, White, 5'3", "Bald with gray sides around the ears, I wear a beard for the winter, and I'm short, fat and funny. I lived in Manitowoc County all my life, I worked in the Media since I was 16, still have a valid CDL for driving semi-trucks, have a degree as a machinist, was a freelance writer & photographer, small business owner, manager of a trucking company and a lover of the outdoors. I am past my Mandatory Release date which was 11/24/05 and I'm being held until 11/24/2010 for my maximum discharge. I completed my programming after 19 months, but the DOC does not like the fact I was one of four inmates who filed and won in the Circuit Court a lawsuit against shipping us inmates out of state. I spent 4 years in Tennessee, and another 41/2years in Racine without any normal family visits due to the long distance for persons in their late 80's to visit. I have one son, and two super grandsons.
I love to hunt, fish, camp, and I love to COOK, as I Have a culinary degree now. I hope and pray if someone out there has a few minutes to share their life with me, I'm more than willing to write back and share my past 111/2 years of life in these warehouses that Wisconsin is wasting money on instead of giving it to the schools to educate our youth. As a former instructor for the DNR, I saw what our public school system is doing to our youth today, and now that I have had a special interest in our youth from our larger communities who seem to be missing a special part of life growing up in Wisconsin, as all they know is that the State will take care of them, as long as they are in these warehouses the public calls a prison. Please write if you want, I will respond to all letters, including those to our State Elected Officials.

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