Lorenzo Webb

Lorenzo Webb #00256085; CCI ; Po Box 900 Portage, Wi
birth date4/16/76

Dear Ms.Lady,
In life rather we expect it or not, people will come into our lives unannounced, uninvited, but should never be unwanted. The greatest friendships or relationships come from those we have chosen to give the privileged chance to get to know who we are and what we are trying to accomplish, so with this said, please allow me this wonderful chance of getting to know such a woman.
It's with much pleasure that i be fortunate to have the chance to make your acquaintance. In doing so, may we discover an essence of compatibility developing from this form of introduction. Despite the uncertain concerNing my actions, i would hope that my conduct will not discredit my chance at having a welcome invitation to come again, please don't get me wrong, i'm not the average person in my situation trying to find anyone to stall my burdens and problems on.
I'm looking for a stable woman, one who has the time and doesn't mind building a friendship-foundation. (They say friendships bloom in strange places.) I'm a firm believer in fidelity and I also believe that a person should recognize who they are and where they stand in life. I realize that life is all about chances and change. I can be that one true friend you can confide in, the one that will give you that extra boost of confidence that lets you know you are thought of and cared for. I can stay true and be those ears you need to listen and that eye water to cry with but your mind has to be of oneness, a union of the heart which will allow your "SOUL" to let me into your world to become that one special friend you've been needing for so long. Only a woman that understands the ancient wisdom that, there is a reason for everything. A time to be born and a time to die, meaning a woman that sets and establishes perimeters for herself as a creative act of knowing and will realize that there's a time to work, a time to play, a time to relate and recieve inspiration, a time for affection, love and believe it's a fundamental key to our lives.
I'm a relationship person. One that likes to hold hands and take walks through the park. I enjoy pampering my one special lady and making her smile. Making her feel wanted is a must for me and vise-versa, like tears of joy. I'm adventurous and I like shopping ,traveling and family gatherings. I do not have any children but I enjoy being around them, so please say hello to yours if any and I hope and pray that they are in good health and the highest spirits. The same to you mystery lady, which I hope comes to light. I wish the same by the time this reaches the softness of your hands and the focus of your beautiful eyes. With this being said, I hope we can be friends which are truly one of the hardest things to find.
Mr. Lorenzo Webb

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