Cory Gilbert

Cory Gilmore #254400
Green Bay Correctional Ins.
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, Wi 54307

I am in prison for an armed robbery that I did not commit. When I was 18 my nephew and I went inside a liquor store and the store owner pulled a gun on us. The store had been robbed a week earlier and the man thought we were trying to rob him. My nephew and I were able to take the qun from the man, but we hurt him bad. I struck him with several bottles to qet him to release the gun. After we qot the gun we ran out the store and did not take any money.
The quy initially told the police that we attempted to rob him and that he was not sure whether any money was taken which he kept on his person. Two weeks later, he chanqed his story and claimed that he saw us taking money which he had hidden in a Brandy box. The jury never knew what he initially told the police. The police reports were not introduced into evidence and the police lied about what was said to them.
I've been in prison for 10 years/10 months and my appeals are still being considered by the courts.

I Want You...
You are a Beautiful Woman. You have a personality and you're fun to be around. Plus, you're a little wild. You laugh hard when you laugh and what you feel you feel strongly. You are a passionate woman and you want to be held. You're a kind and caring person, but you're nobody's fool. You're a Strong woman and you can stand your own. You're an independent woman, but you're not too proud to "turn to me" when you need support. You are a loyal and faithful friend and
You will be there when no one else will. You're always honest, always true, and never conceited. You want to meet a man who's going to appreciate you. You want a man who's going to listen, try to understand you/ and respect you. You want to take a chance, have some fun, and create some­thing meaningful!
I want you. I know to appreciate you for the woman you are. I'm going to take the time to get to know you. Writing letters and talking and truly sharing our thoughts and feel­ings. Your Womanhood, I want it. I'm craving it. Your smells, the sound of your voice, your soft touches... I imagine kissing you. My hard body against your softness. Kissing your neck and going down fuer..
I'm not interested in your race, age or appearance. I'm going to engage you in a deep, meaningful conversation and I'm going to stimulate your mind. If you've made it this far, let this be the-.beginning of something new. I want you.

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