Mahlik D. Ellington

Mahlik D Ellington#450203;
Green Bay Correctional Institution; PO Box 19033; Green Bay. Wi 554307

I am a 30 year old black male, about 6 feet tall. I have no family in Wisconsin. All my family is in Illinois I'm a real good person and people don't realize my self worth. To understand would be to know me because it's about what's within. My expected release date is March 2007. When I get released I'm going into photography and become a message therapist.

There's one more thing I hope to see
My face in the water looking back at me
The beautiful, red sun breaking over the trees
Makes me want to fall down on my knees
The smell in the air, the fog hanging low
This is the moment only a fisherman knows.
God paints His pictures, they are a sight to behold
The sun on the water of shimmering gold
The birds singing way up in the trees
sometimes I wonder if they're speaking to me
Then I thank God for this beautiful day
I sit, I listen, then I begin to pray
Thank you Lord for this gift to me
This thing you call memory
You take me back to times gone by
Oh my precious Lord, how they fly
Today I write from a prison cell
Some call it a concrete hell
I think of the gift you gave to me
Those precious moments I could not see
Now I am older and wiser too
And know my heart is right with you
So dear Lord, if it's meant to be
Take me back and let me see
The sun on the water, the moss on the trees
The work of your hands giving praise to thee
And my face in the water looking back to me.

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