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What's up? nothing this way but chilling to the highest degree of maintaining my behavior and composure for the betterment of things.

I know by time you got to my ad, you heard and seen it all. So lets cut out the formalities that could be considered redundant. My name is Kevin and I'm looking for a female that's willing to share her existence with me. Nothing more or less. I believe transformation have nothing to do with ones compatibility. Meaning If I'm not looking to change anything about you. I'm looking to learn about you, to share dreams, goals and ambitions. No games, no tricks, and no lies. I don't need your money, I have my own. All I ask for is to know of your existence. Age, race, and physical beauty isn't essential. All would be respected. As for I, I'm a 29 year old black male, who'll be 30 years old January 8, 2007.
I'm just looking for one woman. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this ad.


Name: Kevin McKillion #252246
Nickname: Hajj Ali

Red Granite Correctional institution; Po Box 925; Red Granite, Wi 54970
Race: African-American
City I'm from: Milwaukee
Description: 29 years old, 6'1 weighing 175 Ibs., long hair,
no children, could be release next year but 2009 at most.

Preference: A WOMAN, cause every female isn't a woman.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
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If you would like us to send your first letter, send your letter to FFUP at
swansol@mwt.net. Make sure you give us your “snail mail “ address so the prisoner can write you back .
You are always welcome to use our post office box as your forwarding address. Just make sure you give us your real address so we can send the prisoner’s reply to you. Our PO BOX :
PO Box 285
Richland Center, WI 53581
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Kevin "the real one" said...

I dont know if u made up that name but my real name is Kevin McKillion

peggy said...

Kevin would probably like to hear from you to discuss your names or anything else. He has no email. Please write to him at the address given.

Anonymous said...

Kevin This is Amy I found your profile what are you in jail for.

Amy said...

Kevin its amy i found your profile waht are you in jail for