Eric Posey

Eric Posey #385686;; Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility; (AMF) 301 Wadaga RD; Baraga, Mi 49908;

Date of release: Jan 9, 2009; Race: African American; age:33; Birthdate: Nov 14,1972; religion: Islam; marital status: single; height: 5'9"; weight 195 lbs

More about myself: I'm from Cleveland Ohio but now I reside in West Brookfield, Michigan. I'm a very open and honest person, who lives my life to the fullest! Life is too short not to enjoy it. I see the world for what it is. In my life is Allah (God), self, family and my money.. Friends come and go, but family and God are very important to me. I see life as a learning experience, the more u know the more u can grow. I'm always seeking knowledge and wisdom and understanding, and I love to read (2 books a week) and study my Holy Koran and Bible. My hobbies include playing basketball ( my true love) and I like to work out, lift weights, run, pushups, sit-ups etc. I keep my mind and body in shape. I also like to play chess, cards. Sports and music are a key to my relaxation, my recreation and amusement.

I am looking for a woman who is God fearing, open and honest. A person I can communicate with on many levels. I find independence in a woman very attractive. I am looking for a friendship first and foremost.

Note:We have a post office box for those who do not want to give inmates their home address, and we are always available to answer questions. Feel free to email us if you have questions or problems (or suggestions). If you use this PO Box make sure you give us your real address so we can forward the inmate's mail to you

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