Byron Eric Flowers

Byron Eric Flowers #229642; Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility; 301 Wadaga Road; Baraga., MI 49908

nickname "Smooth"; Date of release: anytime before my max-date 2012; race/tribe: Asiatic- Black man, Zoolu Nation; Age: 32 ( big-"32");marital status: never married but plan to if I can marry 30 wives at one time; religion: Just calm, cool and collected; height: 5'4"; weight: 165 lbs. ; black hair, brown eyes;

Hobbies, interests: swimming, bowling, sight seeing, dancing, making women feel good just by simple conversation like to a complete stranger in the super market. I will learn to play golf, I play horseshoes, I love to write music- everything for rock and roll to R and B; I love to also write romantic comedy, I love eating Italian foods especially spaghetti twirling the fork in the spaghetti to capture is so it don't flop everywhere, I love Mexican dishes too. I Love to exercise 3 times a week, I'm a magazine head- freak because there is something to be learned in everything you read

I am looking for women, I make that plurals not just one woman, Womens..I'm looking for all sorts of women,. I want to build solid friendships with. I care for women of all races and orientations- tri-sexual, lesbian, bull, dykes, heterosexuals, homosexual men, All forms. Feel free to write .

Note:As with other penpals on our sites, we encouraging you to use our PO Box if you do not wish to give the inmate your address. Make sure you give us your real address so we can forward the inmate's mail to you Also, use our email to ask any questions, make suggestions or get advise for any problems you encounter with this inmate. PO Box: FFUP (Forum for Understanding Prisons), PO Box 285; Richland Center, Wi 53581; email swansol@mwt.net
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