Standing Bear

Frederick Spence, #132827
WCI Waupun Correctional Institution
PO Box351
Waupun Wi 53963

Frederick is Cherokee. His Native American name is Standing Bear. He is a poet and a deep thinker. He has transformed his thinking andbehavior since his incarceration and now is making his bod for parole. Standing Bear has spent a lot of time learning how to love in an environment of meanness and is an
inspiration to those around him. Standing Bear and Rev Chapman of Namaste Treatment Center

Personal Information:
Nickname: Indian name: 'Standing Bear'; Date of release: 2010 Race/ tribe: Bahamian, Native American ,birthday 2-02-1958 Religion: seeker, loves all religions
Physical Description: Height: 5'10"; weight: 175; Hair: black; eyes: Brown; slim and athletic

Hobbies, interests: Reading books on love, poems etc. Horse-back riding. Love having deep conversations, collecting crystals. I love the California mountains, the California redwoods. I like my home to have a lot of candle light. I will try just about anything. I like to learn new things. I love a woman who knows who she is and who understands herself. I love to listen to all music and I favor love music. I love playing guitar. I love 18th century homes and clothes.
Favorite color: blue.

Other things, special abilities, skills, knowledge:I am a musician. I work in real estate, I do some wood craft work, and leather and bead work- Native American. I teach music, guitar.

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