Henry Dandridge

Henry Dandridge #340012.3A.224; Standish Maximum Correctional Facilty;4713 W.M-61; Standish, MI 48658
Personal Information; date of birth: 04 –06- 78; race: African American; complexion: Light Brown; Height:5’ 11”; eyes: brown; hair; brown; single; religion: Christian
More about me: I’m athletic, work out four times a week. That’s after I come in from work if I’m not tired. I love R&B, rap, playing cards and dominoes, watching good comical, suspense and action movies. I have a building trade’s certificate, small engine’s one and two auto mechanic’s certificates, a cosmetology certificate and writing poetry.
I am really down to earth, outgoing and socially acceptable in whatever environment I may be. I have a good sense of humor, personality, and an aura about myself. I always choose to keep it real, on all levels, that's just me. The sole reason why I say this is because: one's presence at introduction represents the total foundation of one's self. Which acknowledges and transmits balance, growth and maturity. What exactly is it that I am trying to gain from this corresponding program? I am trying to meet and establish a grounded friendship between some really down to earth individuals. I am willing to completely commit myself to change, and to better my avenue's to complete success.

Poem: recognizing the Lies and Trial of tribulations

Trials of Tribulations
I say, Trials of Tribulations!
Dumbfounded, and completely blinded by those in the most highest positions or even places.
There has to be a complete change ya'll/ for what? an why?/ Is there a legitimate answer to these questions of why? /when telling me/ when spoken upon, the answer seems so very shallow, and the grey area, it's always stated induced Democracy/things hasn't changed except, the upbringing in magnitude of numbers within the fatality./ it has grown so, so rapidly/ This war that we're fighting, it truly should be over, so give them back their country/They've learned enough strategic methods of our military/now, let them fight this never ending hostility/ Trials and tribulations/ it's really sad that parts of our country/ has to become destroyed by the fury/of the uncontrollable raft of mother nature/ We have to understand, that there is no high technological equipment made by man, that can determine, a hurricane's future/the man, that's in charge/ Along with his entourage/ That governs our country had come four days later/ That's after/ sewage, toxin and waste had completely contaminated the water/ there was famine, people were lost, and loved ones had died/ An some self -centered people in helicopters instead of helping had took pictures as they flew on by/Crowded no-more space that could be filled into the silver dome/Left outside to fend for on/s self a few items labeled as belongings, less than 2/3's of a cubical space to call a person's home/ Trials of Tribulations/There's so many uncalled for lies/ There's lies/ There's lies/ Hypocritical message coding thru political dedications that really despises/ despises / the reality of what's truly going on, the second lens has been uplifted, uncovered from a oh so cloudy pupil/ the lies/ the lies/We see you shivering, shaking, trying your best to hide/ The lies/ lies/ It is too late your actions has been detected, the dishonesty, displayed so repeatedly upon our people.

Sincerely, Henry Dandridge ( 5- 6 -2006)

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