Darryl Pressley

Darryl Pressley #194340
Columbia Correctional Institution
Po Boc 900
Portage, Wi 53901
I am… I am Not
by Samlur-

I am a man on the verge of reclaiming his life, his freedom and fully enjoying his piece of this earth. Secure n the knowledge of his gifts, his talents an potential, and the same passion laced heart he was grantd at birth.. I am no that guy consumed with his own wants, needs and desires, who may have trampled your spirit 2 attain his goal. Who you may have poured your heart N2 time and time again, only to realize you were slowly losing pieces of your soul. I am a ‘soul builder”, if not a soul mate, through honest give and take, I believe people can realize some dreams, This world is not perfect, but if you learn to recognize “genuine” people, then it’s not as bad as it sometimes seems

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Peggy said...

I am already writing to this inmate. His address has changed. Current is Columbia Correctional Box 900 Portage, WI 53901
His DOC# is 194340.
He is genuine in his attitude and is wrongly accused. He has aleady lost 17 years of his life when he could have been building a family and a career. So sad!

Peggy said...

Please help find pen pals for this inmate. He wants to make his incarceration time worthwhile by being a caring supportive person to whomever may chose to interact with him.